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Delivered through PSHE, RSHE, SEAL, RE, English and Science


Guided by God, St Gerard's Catholic Primary and Nursery School is an inspiring and aspirational community where we learn to love, hope, dream and achieve.” Through the Gospel Values,  St. Gerard’s Catholic Primary and Nursery School endeavours to inspire and motivate our children. We believe passionately in a rich education. Through Jesus, we ensure that our children have life, and have it to the full. We ensure children excel, not just academically but in faith as disciples and as individuals. Our children learn to love themselves, love each other and the world around them and to love God.  It is with this mission that we share this information with our parents and carers. We recognise parents as the first and most important educators of their children and we hope that the information provided here will enable us all to work together in supporting parents in their most important role.


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From September 2020, all primary age children will be taught Relationships and Health Education. The DFE guidance can be found here.

Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health  Education draft guidance

You may also find the DFE FAQ useful:

'Get the facts on relationships and sex education' logo


 These subjects are designed to equip your child with knowledge to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships as well as preparing them for a successful adult life. By the end of primary school, pupils will have been taught content on:

• families and people who care for me

• caring friendships

• respectful relationships

• online relationships

 • being safe

Relationships Education will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships, including with family, friends and online. The children will be taught what a relationship is, what friendship is, what family means and who can support them. In an age-appropriate way, our learning and teaching will cover how to treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect. It will be taught across the curriculum from Early Years to Year 6 in an age appropriate way. We will deliver this teaching through the prism of Catholic RSHE.  The framework of our programme is taken from the Model Catholic RSE Programme by the Catholic Education Service, which has been highlighted by the Department of Education as a work of good practice.

Our curriculum has been written with due regard to the DFE statutory requirements Click here for the DFE parent guidance

to ensure the children are supported to be healthy, safe and prepared for modern life. At the heart of all our learning is our faith. In order to fulfil the whole range of learning intentions and build on each year groups learning, our governors have agreed on The Journey In Love programme of study for RSHE supplemented by  Ten:Ten Life to the Full.  

A Journey in Love - Sr Jude Groden RSM and contributors

(Dr Sathi Aiya, Ilse Brockling/Fr David Clemens

Sarah Feist/ Shaun Kelliher/Patrick Harrison

McCrimmon Publishing Co.Ltd)


A Journey In Love is a resources created by Sister Jude Groden of BRES. It is the recommended programme of study for Catholic schools for Sex and Relationship Education, and has been written as a progressive scheme of work that supports the Religious Education, PSHE and Science curricula taught within the school.

As children progress through the school, they discover more and more about themselves and the wider world. The thirst for learning new things is fostered by the school, who attempt to create a safe and stimulating environment for learning and supporting all children in their development.

A Journey in Love supports children in growing and developing healthy and holistically towards an understanding of their gender and its implications for successful relationships, for this is happen children must be at ease with themselves and grow in self knowledge.

Throughout ‘A Journey In Love’ an aspect of the mystery of love is focussed upon in each group, children and young people are encouraged to marvel at the wonder and beauty of God’s creative love. This is reflected in each stage of a person’s growth in the Primary Years through a series of suggested, progressive and developmental tasks, activities and reflections which focus on physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

As with all aspects of learning, children are naturally curious and many will have questions related to their lessons. Opportunities to discuss questions form part of the lessons and again these are treated with care and understanding.

A Journey In Love, highlights the importance of parental input, you may withdraw your children from Sex Education at any time if you wish to do so, however all children must participate in Relationship and Health Education.

Please click on the image below for full details of the learning in a parents booklet:

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Ten:Ten – Life to the Full


The Life to the Full programme is based on ‘A Model Catholic RSE Curriculum’ by the Catholic Education Service which was highlighted as a work of good practice by the Department of Education. Therefore, we have confidence that the programme, alongside Journey In Love will be fit for purpose in supporting the growth and development of your child. Life to the Full is much more than a series of lessons. It is an entire platform of creative resources that will engage, inform and inspire our children and, indeed, you as parents. This includes interactive video content, story-based activities, employing a wide range of teaching tools, original worship music and an accompanying programme of classroom prayers.

Please click on this link for an overview of the content: RSHE Training


Please click on this link for an overview of the structure:

English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School - Life to the Full

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Ten Ten Resources | Catholic / Christian resources

For an overview presentation of the programme, please click onto the following link:

English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School - Life to the Full


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