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 Music Ambassadors for Halton

We are very proud to have received a very special 'Music Ambassador' award which has resulted from our excellent Music provision throughout the school. We are in the process of applying for the Ambassador Scheme that will see us members until 2022. We are also proud members or the Music Mark scheme, which also acknowledges our excellent music provision, for the second year running.

Music at St Gerard's is vibrant and exciting. Children experience music in the classroom as listeners and performers.

There's lots going on for Music! Year 4 have been involved in drama and music sessions which promote British Values. KS1 had the opportunity to play untuned and tuned instruments with Musicality. Musicality are also giving some pupils 1:1 sessions with keyboards and guitars. Year 3 were learning learning the recorders - they will be performing their ensembles to the school (including parents) each term. Class 1 were also receiving weekly sessions of 'Music in Maths' delivered by Accent which brings a fun and practical introduction to musical development at the same time as working on key elements of the maths curriculum.

Year 6, last year, involved in Gospel singing in which they are learning to collaborate and harmonise together to make unique sounds. They were fortunate enough to perform their songs as a huge ensemble at Liverpool Cathedral. Year 5, last year, also had the opportunity to perform their dramatic and musical creations at the Brindley.

Outside the classroom, children are still immersed in an array of musical activities. After school, Mrs Ollier leads a Choir Club where children rehearse and perform their favourite songs. The Choir Club were practising for several events that take place throughout the year including the Spring Concert at St Peter and Paul's High School and the Christmas Choir competition starting on 28th November!

We can't wait to have all of this back up and running again when it is safe!

All year groups are also continuously developing key music skills through Charanga which is a teacher-led music scheme created by Accent Music Hub. This innovative software allows children to explore their musical abilities through singing songs together, making their own compositions and playing instruments (pease see link below for more information). We teach Music safely following guidelines from Accent. This means reduced singing and instrument playing.

Link to Charanga and Accent Music Hub:


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