Knowsley Safari Park

In Science, Class 3 have been learning about health and nutrition for humans and animals so last week, we went on a very fun and exciting trip to Knowsley Safari Park. We took part in a 'Food and Feeding' workshop in which we learnt about different animals and their diets. Ellie, our guide from the Safari Park was very kind and even let us stroke some animals! We were able to touch a giant snail, a snake and a bearded dragon! We were so brave when the live animals came out! 

We saw lots of animals during our trip. We went on a walking tour to see tigers, meerkats, bushdogs and giraffes. After lunch, we went to see the sea lion display and watched them doing lots of tricks! Some of us were very brave and even went in the bat cave (including Miss Sanders who was very scared!)

To finish off our day, we went on a Safari drive where we saw lots of animals. Did you know that there are 700 animals in Knowsley Safari Park? We saw rhinos, baboons, ostriches, bongos, nilgais, forest buffalos, camels and bison. Did you know that the bison in Knowlsey Safari Park are named after superheroes? We saw Thor, Captain America, The Hulk and their friends!

We were all very tired after our busy day but we had a brilliant time! smiley

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