We’re all Wonders in Nursery - January 2019

Date: 7th Jan 2019 @ 6:05pm

We’re All Wonders in Nursery

Today in Nursery the children listened to the story ‘We’re All Wonders’. In line with our whole school art week the children made faces using loose parts. In addition we spoke about different emotions and how our faces look when we are happy, sad, grumpy etc.


On Tuesday we spoke about our feelings and how we would feel if people were unkind to us. The children worked together to make different facial expressions using the velcro board.


Today the children worked with Mrs Nicholls to create self portraits. The children sang the song 'head, shoulders, knees and toes to support their drawing. Look at the brilliant detail on the following pictures. 


Nursery have also been working with Reception and our Artist to create ‘wonder-ful’ Artwork! It is out of this world. 



During choose time we used the SmartBoard to create faces! The children confidently used the board to select their own pieces and dragged them into the correct place.




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