Spring Chicken - April 2018

Date: 24th Apr 2018 @ 4:55pm

‘Spring Chicken, I'm Yellow and Small...’

We had a special delivery today from Little Chick. The children were so excited to look at the eggs that he had brought us. During our carpet time activity the children counted the eggs in the basket and asked questions about what would be inside. After cracking the egg into a laminated pouch the children couldn't believe that there wasn't a chick inside the egg.  

After cracking the egg the chidlren used magnifying glasses to look closer to the yolk inside the egg. It was really exciting, and humourous, to hear the children's opinions on what it was. "That looks like chicken food Mr. Naylor!".

Following on from this activity the children made their own 'Hen Lifecyle'. The older Nursery chidlren worked independently to order and stick their pictures. It was amazing to see the chidlren even copy some letters from the title too. 

During our music time we have been learning a new song ‘Spring Chicken’. Please click on the following video link to sing with your child.


'Oh no I wont said The Little Red Hen...'

During our carpet time activity the children listened to the story 'The Little Red Hen'. During our activity we used 'Pie Corbett' actions to retell the story. The children loved exploring our story box with the puppets and pictures and could even retell the story on their own.


On Friday we made bread for the Little Red Hen so she could have a rest.



Spring Chicken Lyrics

“One mother hen sat on 4 little eggs, Keeping them warm in her little egg nest, Then one day she heard a crack And a little voice said, as the egg was hatched;
"I'm a spring chicken! I'm yellow and small. My feathers are fluffy and they're keeping me warm. My legs are not long, so I'll never be tall,
But I'm a real spring chicken and I'm having a ball! (Chicken I'm a chicken, I'm a havin' a ball!)"


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