'Goldilocks and Freddie the Teddy!' - September 2018

Date: 17th Sep 2018 @ 10:22pm

'Goldilocks and Freddie the Teddy'

The chidlren have been looking for Freddie the Teddy as he has gone missing. During free play today the chidlren created paintings of Freddie to display around school. The chidlren spoke about his appearance and the need for correct colours to ensure that Freddie can be found. 


We have set up challenges within the provision to extend the children's interests in Freddy the Teddy. The chidlren will be exploring the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' throughout the continious provision. To gather baseline understanding of the children's knowledge of Space, Shape and Measure we will be using a simple filling and emptying activity to see the level of mathematical language the children have on entry.


During our outdoor play the children were excited to take on the role of a builder by building a wall to stop Goldilocks from coming back into the bear’s cottage. The children took precautions by wearing builders hats and putting up construction tape! The children built a safe a secure wall without support.


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