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I am pleased to inform you that from Monday 9 April when your child returns to School after the Easter holidays, we will be moving to an alternative school meals provider, called Dolce. School meals has been something that I have been really determined to change over the past few years and having spoken to the schools council I know that this is an exciting change for our school!

Dolce is an award winning provider of school meals and supplies catering to many schools throughout the UK. Dolce places an emphasis on using fresh, local produce to create healthy food that is cooked in a way that suits the tastes of young children.

Dolce use a computerised ordering system called Live Kitchen to ensure our children receive the meals that they want and provide a cashless payment system.

The most important change is that parents and carers will be asked to order their child’s school meal at home; ordering dinners via the internet at home means that you as parents / carers know the food your child will eat for lunch, the nutritional value the food contains and where the food is sourced from. Also, if your child has any dietary requirements, you can enter this into the system and that particular ingredient will be removed for your menu option. It is important therefore that we have everyone's details to enable us to set up an account. For those parents and carers who do not have access to internet at home the children will be able to order their lunch each morning.


KS1 children (Reception, Y1 & Y2) have their meals paid for due to Universal Free School Meals, however KS2 (Years 3,4,5,6) must pay for their school meals, unless in receipt of Free School Meals. I would encourage all children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 to have a school meal as it is your entitlement and saves you time making a packed lunch for them!


If you do pay for school meals, you will only pay for the meals that your child has taken, so if you do place an order on-line and your child misses the meal for any reason you will not be charged. Don’t worry if your child cannot remember what you’ve ordered for them! At lunchtime, your child will say their name to the kitchen staff and their order will pop up on screen.

School dinners will cost £2.30 a day, £11.50 per week, for KS2 children. All payments will be made online and school will not be taking any payments for school meals from Monday 9 April. If you wish to pay for a meal for your child on a particular day this must be done online. If you are unsure if your child qualifies for a free school meal please check at the office.

If you have any queries please contact Miss Gilbert in the school office or contact Dolce Catering on 01942 707709 or and Live Kitchen on 01506 300310.








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