Class 4 2016 - 2017

Miss Sproston

Welcome to Class 4!

Our topic for the Summer erm is 'Water, Water Everywhere'.

During this half term, the class will be focusing on the book 'Why The Whales Came' by Michael Morpurgo. Children will use this to aid their learning across the curriculum.

- In guided reading, the children will study the characters in the book and hwo the book is written. They will be predicting parts and retelling other parts of the story. 

- In geography, children will use the setting of the book, the Isles of Scilly, to study and locate on a map. 

- In English children will be using Michael Morporgo's style of writing to explore in order to become authors to their own stories.

Other parts of the curriculum linked to our exciting new topic include the geography studies of bodies of water in and around the UK, the history of how water was used to aid trade and agriculture in comparrison to how it is used today, the science behind the water cycle and how it is important to life on Earth and studies of the five oceans.

Prior to their studies of 'Why The Whales Came' in English, as most writing activities linked to the story will be completed during the second read, children will be focusing on the short story of Alma. From this they will carry out SPaG activities and daily writing activities where stories will be planned, written, inproved and rewritten.

In Maths maths lessons data handling will be the focus in Summer term 1. Problem solving and reasoning will also be intertwined into many lessons and will continue to be developed throughout the term. Children are encouraged to practice their times tables as much as possible.

Each week, alongside the two children who are awarded the Headteacher's award, a Mathematician and a Writer of the week are also selected and their hardwork is celebrated and shared with the rest of the class.  

On Fridays, homework is sent out with each child and is to be returned the following Wednesday. Homework is usually linked to something that the children have been focusing on during the week as a way of enouraging children to share their learning at home. Alongside homework I also encourage children to read at least twice at home, this should be recorded in their reading records. 




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