The Mersey Gateway Bridge!

Date: 5th Jan 2018 @ 8:52pm

In the Autumn term, our topic was 'No Place Like Home'. In our local area, the Mersey Gateway Bridge is a huge development and some of us will even need to travel across it every day just to get to school! In Computing, we decided to write blogs about it...

Kian’s, Jayana’s and Shanai’s blog.

Hello bloggers, guess what? I heard that the new Mersey Gateway is better than the new one!

Guess what bloggers? I heard that the new bridge is 2,130m long and the big bridge cost £600m scheme.

“Hello again it’s Shanai, if people have been on the new bridge and if you haven’t do it!

P.s- it is a great bridge!

Bye bloggers!

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